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It’s come to my attention that I rarely update my blog. This is due to a lack of time. Any time that I get away from the office is not top priority to spend writing blog posts! So, on a complete tangent, I’m going to start blogging tracks that I’m in to in order to plug the gaps between my geeky nerd posts.
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Barclays Bike API data feed

I’ve been working on aggregating data regarding the number of Barclays bikes there are available at certain docks. I had tried using some third-party Barclays Bike API sources because I didn’t realise that TFL already had easily accessible data for this.
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Working out aspect ratios in Excel

Aspect Ratios in ExcelI’ve spent most of my time at work recently building a big ol’ database with specifications of screens. Once the structure had been completed, I needed to import all existing data (stored in an Excel spreadsheet) in to the database. I’ve build the database with a form where everything can be put in. Functionality of this form includes automatically calculating aspect ratios from width and height pixel dimensions – something that didn’t exist in the spreadsheet.
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